Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sonix - Dreamers Are The Futuremakers

Sonix - Dreamers Are The Futuremakers

This set is the culmination of "King Of The Jungle" all the way to "Liquid Courage" and "Liquid Summer" and "Liquid Soul". You can hear many elements and flavors from each of those past DJ sets in this set. It's Liquid Courage feel in the Liquid Summer form: a Symphonic Liquid Drum N Bass. The title "Dreamers Are The Futuremakers" comes from the idea that dreamers are the ones who make new things in the future, new inventions, new art, new ideas, and so, dreamers make the future happen. Without dreamers, there wouldn't be new ideas, and so, the future would be stagnant, would be the same as the past and the present, so it wouldn't be the future. Future only exists from new ideas, new inventions, and dreamers are the ones who create new ideas, because dreamers are the ones who are out there, on the fringe of society, who see things differently, from new angles, who come up with crazy ideas or what seems like crazy ideas to the conformed and comfortable society - like the idea of a computer in a telephone or a youtuber becoming a millionaire - until that crazy idea or far-out idea becomes reality; before then, people always say no, it's not possible, it's not realistic, because they only see and know what has already happened, what is already made, what is already possible, which has happened already, which is the past, which has been done; they don't or can't see what hasn't happened yet, what hasn't been done but is about to be done, is about to be achieved, about to be realized (if you do it). Naysayers are followers; they follow what has already been done; they can't see what you see; they can't see the angles, the opportunities, the possibilities; those are what dreamers can see, so when naysayers say it's not possible or unrealistic, what they mean is that it's not possible or it's unrealistic to them naysayers, but actually to the dreamers, to the idea-makers, to those who see things differently, from new angles, where the future lies, where the future is made: We Are The Futuremakers; We Make The Future Happen. We create new products, new art, new designs, new ways of living, new ways of thinking and understanding. The future is forged by dreamers. This set is for all the dreamers, all the creators and idea-makers, who have been put down and denied by the naysayers, who said it's not possible, be realistic. Your ideas, your creations, your dreams are what makes the future. Dreamers Are The Futuremakers. Enjoy!


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